The Recipe to Post-Pandemic Traveling

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Our vacations, business travel and adventures have been put on hold for what seems to be forever. The good news is the wait is over as more countries like France, Spain, and Mexico are opening up to international travel and tourism and it’s time to start planning! 

Popular destinations and many travel suppliers require visitors to present proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 test results and Travel Medical Insurance to cover potential quarantine expenses, emergency medical treatments, and other expenses as a result of an  unexpected illness, injury or event. We’ve put together a recipe for traveling post-COVID-19 so you can travel worry-free. 

Step 1. Get an Approved COVID-19 Vaccine

Contact your local health department for more information on COVID-19 vaccination in your area. Get vaccinated and keep proof of vaccination. Here is a list of approved vaccinations in Canada.

Step 2. Pack the Essentials

Remembering everything to pack for your vacation can be stressful, especially post-pandemic. A good practice is to make sure you bring extra face masks and keep them close at hand in your carry on luggage as masks are mandatory on most air transat. Other essential items for your trip are hand sanitizer, empty water bottle to fill up after security, gum for the plane, cleaning wipes and headphones.  

Step 3. Check Health Advisories

Keep up to date with the current Health Notices and Advisories found on the Government of Canada Travel Health Notices site. Not only does this site provide insights on COVID-19 travel health information, but environmental, politique and other viruses information. 

Step 4. Check Global Entry Requirements

Most countries require proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before departure, followed by an additional COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival and a 14 day self isolation. However, every country has different prerequisites. Here is a link to the Government of Canada’s page regarding COVID-19: travel, testing, quarantine and borders. Don’t forget, global entry requirements can change without notice, so if you are planning to travel, it is crucial to check with your destination’s restrictions and get the latest information. If you are unsure at any time, contact your destination’s embassy with Canada. 

Here are the embassy links to the most popular countries to visit post-pandemic according to the World Economic Forum: Thailand, Vietnam, and Cuba

Step 5. Make sure you have a TSA PreCheck. 

Long security lines can be a higher risk activity from a transmission standpoint, so take advantage of TSA PreCheck. It costs $100 for a Global Entry, five year membership and allows you to go through significantly shorter security lines at the airport and the ability to move faster through the line. If you are a Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI member,  your membership number can be used in airline reservations to receive TSA PreCheck. Here is a link to find more information about TSA PreCheck applications, and more.

Step 6. Get Travel Insurance

Many countries are requiring visitors to possess Travel Medical Insurance upon arrival, including coverage of costs for potential COVID-19 medical expenses as well as quarantine coverage. Not all travel insurance providers are the same. When comparing plans, carefully review  medical coverage, trip cancellation, pre-existing medical condition exclusions and always make sure they include COVID-19 coverage.

Here’s a non exhaustive list of all the countries that require Travel Medical Insurance with specific COVID-19 coverage requirements:

  1. Aruba

  2. Bahamas

  3. Belgium

  4. Belize

  5. Brazil

  6. Chile 

  7. Costa Rica 

  8. Croatia 

  9. Czech Republic

  10. Dominican Republic 

  11. Egypt 

  12. France

  13. Israel 

  14. Italy 

  15. Greece

  16. Portugal

  17. Spain

Countries like Mexico haven’t made it a requirement yet, but highly recommend it. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council we are expecting more and more countries to make it mandatory for entry. 

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